Psychology Journal Review (Term Project)

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Psychology Journal Review (Term Project)

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3/25/2020 3:12:43 PM

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03/25/2020 23:59



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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Option 2: A Journal Review Propose a question related to some issue of the lifespan process. This can be related to any topic covered in either lecture or the text. Begin by formulating a research hypothesis or question regarding how some issue or variable relates to the lifespan process. (Considering my parents were divorced my whole life I would like to talk about: -How does divorce affect children? Write a general introduction to this topic indicating why this question or issue is important from both an individual and a social viewpoint. Explain the importance of this particular issue. What information exists on this topic? You might find this information in other textbooks, general review books, or other material in the library. Generally, you are to examine this question from a historical viewpoint. When did this issue first come to light, and what are the general findings regarding this topic. This need not be lengthy, but you need to supply some general introduction to this issue. You will then do a journal search to find at least FIVE specific scholarly articles relating to this question. You may find that as you do this search, your topic or question may change. *These journal articles must have been published within the last five to seven years and must be from academic journals. Popular sources such as Psychology Today, Redbook, Newspapers, etc are NOT to be used as sources in an academic paper. The TCC library system has a number of journals available online. Write a summary of each research article. Include the hypothesis proposed, the methodology used, and the results obtained. Include a discussion of one criticism or limitation of each study. After doing this for each article, write an integrative and comprehensive summary statement that draws some conclusions regarding the findings of the articles you reviewed. **Include the MLA OR APA (2010) references for each articles researched (this will be your next to last page). The findings need to be integrated into an effective conclusion regarding the results of the studies you reviewed. Are there contradictions? If so, what, and how would you resolve any contradictory findings. Do the studies support each other? If so, explain how the studies support the evidence. Due on March 30, 2020. Include a discussion of the relevance of this topic to your lifespan process, and discuss what you feel are additional questions or issues that need to be addressed. Finally, write a summary essay indicating what you personally learned or gained from this project, as well as a statement of how this particular topic relates to your own life. In what ways will the information you gained from this project alter or affect your own lifespan process? Include online links of the articles that you reviewed with your paper (this will be your last page). Thank you!

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