Karl Marx-Imperial Rome-Slave Economy (using eHRAF Database!)

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Karl Marx-Imperial Rome-Slave Economy (using eHRAF Database!)

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11/7/2019 5:08:56 PM

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11/10/2019 23:59



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4     Double-spaced (1200 words)

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Research Paper

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Need to be able to access eHRAF!! World Culture Database Students will write a 4-5 page paper using the University of Iowa Library resource, the electronic Human Relations Area Files World Cultures (eHRAF World Cultures). To access this resource, you go to the Main Library Webpage. You enter in “eHRAF World Cultures” in the search box. You click on the first result, the eHRAF World Cultures Database. It gives you a description box, click on “Find Online” and then click on the “Resource available at eHRAF world cultures” line. You then get the homepage and there you should click on “Advanced Search.” You then choose the culture “Imperial Romans” (E109) and click Add Cultures.” For the Subjects, you should click on the Add Subjects which will open a giant window with possibilities. You can choose any of the categories you wish, but I recommend that you confine yourself to “Economy, Food and Resource Exploitation (004) which opens up many boxes. I recommend you choose (one or two at a time) from Agriculture 240, Business and Industrial Organization 470, Finance 450, Labor 460, and Marketing 440. You could also do it over using “Social Relationships 007” which has Gender Roles and Issues 890, Individuation and Mobility 550, Interpersonal Relationships 570, and Social Stratification 560. Once you have added Subject, just add one keyword: “slaves.” Depending on your choices, you will be given a number of paragraph which have information on slaves and the subjects you have chosen. All of this is to write a paper addressing the following question: Karl Marx called Imperial Rome a “slave economy.” After doing some research in the eHRAF database, explain why you agree with or disagree with Marx’s characterization. Defend your answer with supporting materials from your research. You do not need to cite references; just make it clear that you have the eHRAF data for your paper.

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