Invasive Honeysuckle Essay

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Invasive Honeysuckle Essay

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12/6/2019 5:38:03 PM

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G107 Environmental Geology – Semester Project SERVICE LEARNING OPTION Write an Essay on your Project – Due December 16 Your essay should be 750-1000 words and should summarize your service learning experience, describe its importance, and analyze the project goals in terms of local and global environmentalism and sustainability. Use the following writing prompts to help you compose your essay. ? A description of sustainability. What is the purpose of this sustainability? How is sustainability related to the project you worked on? You can integrate your experiences, draw on course concepts, or use reallife examples here. ? A description of the project and what you did. Where did you complete your SLP? Include a description of the site. What did you do? What is the purpose of the work you did? Did you think it was successful? Include some research as to how restoration projects relate to the larger regional, national, or world environment. ? An analysis of the local and global environmental impact of the project. You should relate the work you did to both the local (Indiana) and global (national, world) applications of sustainability. Include a description of the broad environmental significance of the project. This portion will require you to do research on the environmental problem (littering, water pollution, invasive species, etc.) and why it is happening, its characteristics, and its remedies. In this portion you should tie the broad significance back to your specific project. ? A Conclusion. Reflecting on your definition of sustainability, what is the ultimate conclusion that can be drawn from your project and research? Within your conclusion, reflect on the purpose of service learning – why should IUPUI students participate in a service learning project? What is the benefit to your overall education? Follow these guidelines when composing your essay: ? Length: Service Learning Essays should be 750-1000 words in length. ? Thesis statement: Your thesis statement should integrate your project goals, a definition of sustainability, and an overview of your final essay. If you were given feedback on improving your thesis statement earlier in the semester, you should update your thesis statement in the final essay. ? Content: Essays should have a title, a well-developed and well-supported thesis statement, and include at least three images. Content must be scientific in nature. You should plan to use scientific terminology and ideas from your modules and readings. ? Resources: You should integrate and cite at least 3 quality primary resources. Your sources should be cited in MLA or APA format Your sources should be properly cited in-text and in a “Works Cited” or “References”” section. ? Imagery: Your description should include at least 3 images that are captioned and referenced. Use graphics (photos

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