Psychology & Law: Punishment and Sentencing

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Psychology & Law: Punishment and Sentencing

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11/25/2019 7:26:27 PM

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11/26/2019 18:00



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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online discussion question

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This is an online discussion post. There is no requirement to meet a certain word count. One or two sources. The directions say to cite from the documentary, and/or the lecture notes. I can adjust it accordingly if you cannot view the documentary. The main topics to focus on: 1) Retributive motives 2) Utilitarian motives 3) False confessions (which occurred in the West Memphis 3 Case). These are the exact directions from the syllabus: Please apply research from either the lectures or the textbook to the West Memphis 3 case from the documentary. Please explain (a) what aspect of psychology and law research from the course material you think is relevant (feel free to use material from another course week for the West Memphis discussion post only), (b) what aspect of the West Memphis 3 case you are referring to (c) what we learn about that aspect of the West Memphis 3 case from the Psychology & Law research (i.e., the connection you see between the two).


Here is the citation for the film if you are able to access it.Amy J. Berg (Director), Billy McMillin (Director), Amy J. Berg (Producer), Lorri Davis (Producer), Damien Echols (Producer), Sir Peter Jackson (Producer), Fran Walsh (Producer), Disarming Films (Producer), WingNut Films (Producer), (2012). West of Memphis. New York, NY: Sony Pictures Classics. [Streaming Video]. Retrieved from database

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