Film class final exam essay questions

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Film class final exam essay questions

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5/11/2020 11:31:07 AM

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05/15/2020 23:59



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The exam will ask you to write four essay questions, of which will ask you to analyze a specific feature films using one of the six formal properties of cinema. The six formal properties are listed in the study guide attached and you\’ll need to interpret the films deeply (i.e. move beyond their literal surface) and show how formal style is being used to generate meaning. I can pick the four films you can write about if that makes it easier. I will provide study guide and access to all the online lectures


I can send you the login information and you can choose the 4 films you\’d like to write about and study the study guide. I do know that one of the film choice you will write about has to be before the 1960s

Username: Ethickpenny

Password: Greenpail74!

HEre is the link where at the bottom of the page is the list of movies that you can choose 4 to write about. You can even picked the dazed and confused movie that you wrote about to choose as 1. All the lectures and such are available and there is a link where you can select to start to the exam on the website. The professor states that each essay should be spent 30 minutes on each . Again ill attach the study guide for help in reference and please let me know if there\’s any questions


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