Media Awareness and Critique

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Media Awareness and Critique

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11/9/2019 8:40:13 AM

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Students should begin to pay critical attention to all sources of information that impinge upon them. These sources may include, but are not limited to television, radio, videos, movies, newspapers, magazines, billboards, textbooks and other books, the Internet, music, public performances (speeches, plays, lectures, readings, concerts), and art exhibits. Flyers on bulletin boards, public or school policy statements, and legislation or Supreme Court decisions are all examples of information that shapes and is shaped by our values and attitudes about various groups of people. Step 1: Each student will collect 3 observations/examples of oppression toward one subordinated social group (e.g., First Nations peoples, people who are poor, women, lesbians, people with disabilities, elders, people who are not U.S. citizens, etc.) Observations to be included in this assignment are those that demonstrate some overt or implicit value, attitude, behavior, or judgment that you consider to be oppressive against a subordinated social group. Students are particularly encouraged to select observations (or patterns) that are covert in nature. Be sure you focus on current media representations, rather than historical ones. Step 2: Written portion of the assignment includes your responses to the following questions: 1. How are these observations an example of oppression? If it is an attempt to change some oppressive condition, what was/is that condition? 2. Who—both directly and indirectly—is currently affected by this behavior, practice, or event? Be sure to discuss ways in which people who are members of both the subordinated and the dominant groups are affected. 3. What historical or contextual factors influenced not only the origins of this practice, but its present-day continuation or prevalence? Who or what types of institutions participate in the present-day maintenance of this oppression? 4. How will your awareness of this practice change the ways in which you understand, but more importantly, how you behave with those individuals and groups who are most negatively affected by this issue and those who perpetuate this form of oppression? Incorporate at least three references into your responses and please submit your media representations with your paper.

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