HIV transmissions in New York County, NY

There will be one capstone project in the form of an original research paper that will capstone the content from the class. Your research paper will require you to recall, evaluate, apply, and reflect on what you have learned into a paper. Your research paper must meet the minimum requirements below and, as always, you are encouraged to cite examples from class discussions, speakers, presentations, class materials, and the readings.

The assignment is to do a focused, evaluative review of recent (within the last 10 years) research on a specific topic pertaining to community health. 

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Correct Length (at least 5 complete pages of text, not including reference and title pages) 

? Spelling and grammar 

? Organization (introduction, body, conclusion; each paragraph will express a single thought/ idea and flow logically into the next) 

? Use of headers in the paper (this helps with organization) 

? Clear, concise use of the research material 

? Proper APA citation ? A detailed review, description, and analysis of the material 

? Inclusion of a title page and reference page 

? Proper usage of APA citation in text and reference page (no abstract page required) 

? All facts, theories, and thoughts of other writers will be properly cited in text 

? Proper format and length requirements 

? Medically accurate information (if applicable) 

? Using at least 6 sources: Example- 3 Books, 3 Scholarly/ Academic/ Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles. WIKIPEDIA is NOT considered an acceptable source! 

? Times New Roman, 12pt Font, Double Spaced, 1-inch margins 

? No bullet points, pictures, graphs, tables, charts, etc.

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