Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography organizes your research by way of APA citations and a short paragraph about each source. For this Assignment, you will create an Annotated Bibliography for four sources related to an argument for change. One of the sources should address a rival viewpoint or misconception related to your topic. Your instructor will provide insightful feedback on the sources you find so you can determine whether to use them in the Unit 8 Assignment, a persuasive research essay.

The following aspects are required for your Annotated Bibliography Assignment:

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  • Title page in APA manuscript format.
  • Your revised thesis statement for an argument for change in your community.
  • Four primary and secondary sources; one source should be from the Purdue Global Library and one source should be a visual or graphic source.
    • You are welcome to use sources that you have already tracked down, like the common ground source from Unit 4, the underrepresented stakeholder source from Unit 5, and the rival viewpoint from Unit 6.
  • Sources that would be appropriate are as follows:
      • Book, ebook, article, or a chapter from book or ebook
      • Periodical (e.g., newspaper, magazine, journal article)
      • Internet source (e.g., blog, organization website, article from Internet site)
      • Video or audio source (e.g., documentary, video blog, TED Talk, podcast)
      • A primary source in which the authors of the content are the primary researchers (the ones who conducted research), e.g., a government report, case study, or speech
      • An interview with an expert source either published online or conducted by the student
      • A visual or graphic source from a credible .org, .gov, or .edu site.
      • At least one source should address an opposing viewpoint or misconception.
  • Each source should be cited in APA format.
  • Directly below the APA reference citation for each source

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