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English Essay

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3/24/2020 3:07:38 PM

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03/24/2020 22:00



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2     Double-spaced (600 words)

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General Instructions: Students will have the entire class period to write a well organized and thoughtfully supported essay answering the following prompt. This assignment is open book, open lecture notes, open reading responses and open Bible. Please do the following: • Be sure you have a strong thesis, body paragraphs that discuss ideas that support your thesis, and a concluding paragraph that wraps up your ideas. • Be sure you directly address the prompt. Don’t go off on a tangent. Ask yourself “Am I answering the question being asked?” • Use as much concrete support and specific examples as possible from the texts. You will need to use actual quoted material from the text to receive full points. • Be careful about grammar and spelling. • If you have extra time, proofread your essay for any obvious errors and correct them. **If you have more that 20% plagiarism when you put it in turnitin.com I will give it a zero** The Prompt Options (Choose Only ONE): 1. Consider the idea of identity as it is discussed in Invisible Man. Does Ellison seem to portray the issues of African American identity the same in the book (using the voice of the unnamed narrator) as he does in the NY Times articles (when it is clearly him speaking)? Identify the ways in which they are similar or different. What is significant about these similarities or differences? What do they seem to show about Ellison, or about the time period he is living and writing in? (make sure your thesis is an argument and that you support each claim with specific evidence from the texts). 2. Consider the idea of growing up and seeing the world for how it really is. This idea is discussed in Invisible Man and in the short story “The Flowers” and the short story “Roselily”. How does each text deal with this idea of maturing? How does maturity relate to a loss of innocence in each text? Consider how each protagonist in these stories is at the end of the “maturing” in the text. Are they in a similar physical/spiritual/emotional place, or are they different? If similar, discuss the significance of this to the time period and social realities. If different, still discuss how this relates to the time period and social realities. (make sure your thesis is an argument and that you support each claim with specific evidence from the texts).

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