Alternative Medicine – Aromatherapy

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Alternative Medicine – Aromatherapy

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12/8/2019 8:56:50 PM

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Describe a place, person, or event that you remember because of the smells, whether pleasant or unpleasant, and reflect on the relationship between smell and well-being. Please respond, writing freely from your life experience. How does the topic relate to health and wellbeing? How is it connected to illness, healing, therapy? What role, if any, does changing technology play with respect to the issue you selected and your own wellness? This essay should be approximately 400 words and provide accurate APA references when citing or paraphrasing sources (or when referring to data or facts), including textbooks, videos or websites. -I was personally at Ground Zero on 9/11/2001 when the second of the Twin Towers were hit, and stayed on as a volunteer. I distinctly remember the smells of burning metal and flesh. Later I became a radiation therapist, and currently work in a prestigious hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Whenever I smell smoke from a fire or on a fire victim, I am instantly transported back to 9/11.- Incorporate into the essay on smell and well-being the strong connection between our sense of smell and how it is the most direct link to our brains (compared to other senses). Mention how Ross (The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine, pg. 125) speaks about how a newborn can recognize its mother’s milk-laden breast=pad amongst those impregnated with other mother’s milk, highlighting the powerful survival and evolutionary importance in the sense of smell. Have the paper circle back to how aromatherapy can be better integrated into biomedical settings as a complementary medicine rather than an “alternative”” medicine.

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