Water management model

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Water management model

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9/28/2019 8:54:26 PM

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10/11/2019 23:59


Public Administration

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21     1.5 spaced (7077 words)

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Research Proposal

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? of words = 7,077 words (excluding references) References: 30 Citation Style: APA (the last edition) Language Style: British English Academic level: Doctoral Deadline: October 12, 2019 by 11:59PM (US EST) I want you to write a research proposal that aims to propose a water management model. This proposal needs to be at the PhD level. Please avoid citing non-serious documents. Preferably cite articles indexed in Web of Science and Scopus. You might find some information in technical reports, legal documents (as in the constitution, water laws and regulations), documents from the OECD, UNESCO, governmental institutions, etc. You might also find information in Spanish, which is not available in English, especially for current regulations. When referring to the present or to the future, please use the most recent available bibliography. It is worth noticing that the perspective of this article must be from the Social Sciences because it fits into the topic of Public Administration. The theme of water management is very broad, so you must determine the scope and be as specific as possible in the approach you will give to the topic. For example, it could focus on the supply of drinking water or wastewater, etc., that depends on the importance of the issue. In this sense, you must determine in advance what is most relevant and feasible to include in the research proposal. For this, you should also review the literature on what the elements that the model could contain, so at a later stage it is tested. It is important to comment that this research should be possible for a maximum of 3 people in a period of 2 years. In the methodology you must include, among other things, the field work to be developed, apart from the method for reviewing the literature. For example, it could include interviews with public servants of the Water System of Mexico City or another important organization. Also, you need to consider the treatment that will be given to the information collected, for example if it will be analyzed qualitatively or quantitatively. Of the latter, for example with the use of Likert scales. Another point to consider is that, for technical and time reasons, field work could only be done in Mexico City. You also need to consider the following: You need to write a research proposal that addresses issues on which there is some controversy in the scientific community of the field in which it is developed; and / or that addresses difficult-to-answer questions, at least with current methodological approaches and, therefore, uses atypical or novel methodologies and concepts in its field of knowledge. Encourage financing that promotes the training of new scientists capable of undertaking an independent exercise, with special emphasis on postgraduate and postdoctoral students. Encourage approaches to challenges, questions or research problems in an unconventional way, that is, innovative, original, potentially resulting in discoveries at the frontiers of knowledge. In the medium or long term, the results of said project would have an impact on society. It could even lead to the start of new research fields. A research proposal that only aims at the application of knowledge or the application of previously developed techniques in new systems or the repetition of previous experiments or observations will not be considered. The research proposal must: Explicitly contribute to the advancement of the knowledge frontier. Explicit originality and scientific relevance, as well as the reasons why it should be considered as a border research proposal. Reflect a methodological strategy that demonstrates the rigor of the research, as well as the flexibility to move forward in case of not obtaining the expected results. Indicate the expected novel results for the particular research proposal, and for possible continuation research proposals. Indicate the impact of the research proposal on the training of new researchers, mainly with the participation of doctoral and postdoctoral students. The research proposal must have the following structure (and when writing it you must consider all the information provided above): a) Title of the research proposal b) Executive abstract (maximum 400 words) c) General objective (maximum 150 words). Must start in verb in infinitive d) Specific objectives (maximum 75 words) e) Background (maximum 1,200 words) f) Description (Explicitly contribute to the advancement of the knowledge frontier or the reasons why you should consider as a research proposal of border) (maximum 1,000) g) Hypotheses and / or predictions (Maximum 500 words) h) Definition of variables, sub variables and indicators (Maximum 500 words) i) Methodology (Demonstrate the rigor of research, as well as the flexibility to move on if you don’t get the expected results) (Maximum 2,000 words) j) Results: Indicate the expected new results for the proposal in particular and for possible continuation proposals (maximum 2,000 words) k) Mechanisms to integrate the different results generated in the line of proposed research (in this case on water management) (maximum 600 words) l) Social appropriation actions of the knowledge generated (Videos, infographics, material for the promotion of scientific vocations, materials or courses for teachers, among others) (maximum 300 words) m) Bibliography (about 30 references) n) Schedule that includes, per month, in a period of two years and with a maximum budget of $ 25,000 the activities to be developed, the products to be delivered and the current and investment expenses (maximum 1000 words) You must write the research proposal considering the structure indicated above, and it needs to be as specific as possible, please do not be as general because this lends itself to ambiguity.

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